About us

About Blue Dog
— Who we are

With a passion for biking, Rod Hibberd set out organising events in the early 90s when mountain biking was just starting to take off. The popularity of his events grew and grew, as did Rod’s passion to test his ambitious event ideas. Some courses traversed the steepest and most daring passages of the Southern Alps giving competitors a special and unique opportunity to explore New Zealand’s adventure-filled backyard.

Today, and hundreds of events later, Blue Dog Events organises and operates three major mountain biking events in Christchurch / Canterbury, New Zealand: the Hunter Civil 10 Hour Day/Nighter and 6 Hour Blast and The World Championship Mountain Bike Night Racing series.

Each event has a huge following and provides mountain biking enthusiasts with the chance to really challenge themselves on courses crafted to give riders fantastic mountain biking experiences.

It’s all about the people

It’s a simple goal. Blue Dog Events have always been about the people. At each and every event there is a real sense of community, and although everyone is fiercely competitive, Blue Dog Events believe in delivering much more than just a race.

Behind every event Rod and Jane are busy planning, designing and organising the events to ensure they live up to the Blue Dog name.

What’s in a name?

The inspiration for the name came from Sally, Rod and Jane’s beloved Blue Heeler who was a constant at the events and who genuinely seemed to believe she was second-in-command! Although Sally sadly passed away in 2003 she’ll never be forgotten, and her image lives on in the company logo.

What We Ride

Mountain Bikes: Giant Hard Tail 27.5 Advanced XTC (fast bike). Giant full suspension Anthem X Ltd 26” (helps an average rider ride better).

Road Bikes: Carrera Estremo Light.