Event Info

Race Information

Race information below may be updated or changed without notice.  

NOTE:  For 2020 we are running a 6 Hour race only so some information below may still refer to the 10 Hour Day/Nighter event.

This event is all about racing against the clock to complete as many laps of the approx 11km course as you can in either 10 or 6 hours.

Enter as a team (2-5 riders per team) or accept the ultimate challenge and compete on your own as a solo rider, taking part in either the 10 Hour Day/Nighter or the 6 Hour Blast.

The Venue

780 McLean’s Forest Park, McLean’s Island Road, Christchurch

The entrance to the venue area is approx. 1km before the main entrance to McLean’s Forest Recreational area and will be well signposted on the day. 


There is carparking within the venue area for any extra vehicles or supporters visiting during the day

Race Schedule

Saturday 17th October 2020

7:00–9:00am Set up team site

The gates to the venue open at 7am.  Your team site needs to be set up by 9am so that that the lanesways through the team sites can be cleared of incoming vehicles in time for the start at 10am.

7:30-9:00am Rider Check 

All Solo Riders and Teams must check in and collect their race pack. Check in will be at the main marquee.

9.30am Race Briefing

ALL riders must attend race briefing.

10:00am START - All Riders

4:00pm FINISH - 6 Hour Blast 

4:30pm Prize Giving 6 Hour Blast

8:00pm FINISH - 10 Hour Day/Nighter 

8:30pm Prize Giving 10 Hour Day/Nighter

The Course


The 2020 course will be similar to the course used in 2019.  The final course map will be posted closer to the event.

Due to weather or Ecan requirements the map may change on race day and if any changes are made they will be notified at race briefing. EACH LAP IS APPROX 11 km’s including team site area.

The mountain bike track at McLean’s Forest Park is purpose build and features free flowing single track with bermed corners making for superb smooth riding. The track follows the natural terrain of the area, winding through the forest and up, over and along the stop banks. There are no major hills but plenty of undulating riding. On race day we'll mix up the single track with 4WD track so there will be plenty of places for passing.

10 Hour Day/Nighter

For the 2020 event the 10 Hour Day/Nighter has been put on hold.

Running from 10am to 8pm the 10 Hour is a spectacle of an event for all involved. Enter as a team, or test yourself as a solo rider around the undulating 11km course.

Remember to pack a few extra gels to keep the energy levels high as you aim to conquer this marathon event.

6 Hour Blast

The 6 Hour Blast starts at the same time as the 10 hour and finishes at 4pm with teams and solo riders whipping around the 11km loop to carve out as many laps as they can in 6 Hours.

A great event for teams who want to be involved in a big day out and solo riders wanting to test out their speed and endurance.

Who can enter

This event is open to riders 14 years and over if in a Team, and 16 years and over if riding Solo.

Fitness and skill requirements

If you are new to racing, for your safety and enjoyment and that of other competitors, you do need to train and have the necessary skills and fitness required to race, i.e you need to be confident racing amongst groups of riders, know how to ride on single track and know race etiquette of being passed or passing another rider.


Team and Solo Categories

Check out event main page here.

Unsure which category you should be in?

Email info@bluedogevents.nz and we’ll work that out for you.

Medals & Prizes

Category winners

1st / 2nd / 3rd place getters in each category will each be awarded a handcrafted medal and prize voucher.  

Spot prizes

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors there will be a stash of spot prizes to be won on race day.

Information For All Teams

Number of riders in a team

All teams may have a minimum of 2 or maximum of 5 riders per Team. This applies to both the 10 & 6 Hour Teams

Mixed teams (must be a mix of men and women)

If there are 5 riders in the Team, a minimum of 2 must be women. If there are 4 riders in a Team, a minimum of 1 must be a woman.

Corporate teams

Can be made up of, only men, only women or any mix of gender. Your teams may be staff, family of staff and clients of your company (note: even though your team is representing your company you can if you wish, enter ANY category).

Corporate pro teams

This category is for your teams that want to be more competitive and riders would be considered to have average to above average fitness and skill level.

Corporate social teams

This category is for teams that want to compete at a more social/leisurely level and riders are a mix of fitness and skill level.

Team Sites

Are where you start and finish your lap from and each site fronts onto the course laneway.

Who rides when

Each team sends out one rider at a time to race. You start from your team site, ride a lap of the course, come back through the timekeeping tent and back to your team site.

You then either do another lap or you exchange the timing transponder with your next team member and they then go out to race. Teams decide themselves what order their team members ride in and how many laps each team member rides.

Only the riders that you register on your entry form are permitted to race. This means:

  • Supporters coming out on the day may not race if they are not registered on your entry form.
  • Say you register and pay for 4 riders on your entry form , and one rider races for 4 hours but has to leave early so you get a fifth rider to replace them.  As this fifth rider is not registered on the entry form and it would also be considered as bringing in ‘fresh legs’ this is not permitted and teams doing this will be disqualified.
  • If you need to add/delete/replace a rider in your team, you need to advise us no later than 9am on the day. Once the race has started no changes can be made.

Information For Solo Riders

If you're not aligned to a team and would prefer your own team site, on the morning of the event drive into the venue and you will be allocated a team site.

Important Information


Will be by transponder. Each Solo Rider and Team will receive one transponder that must be worn on your ankle. The transponder is exchanged between riders at their Team site.  The transponder must be handed back at the end of the event.

Lights (optional) for 10 hour day/nighter

Sunset on October 17th is estimated to be at 7:48 pm so lights for the last lap are optional (it can get dark in the forested areas of the course.  If you do chose to use a light please ensure it is fully charged before the race as there are no onsite facilities for charging batteries.

Mountain bikes or cross cycle bikes only permitted (this means no unicycles, tandems or E-bikes)

In this event so this means no unicycles or tandems.

First aid

St Johns will be providing first aid at this event and this will include paramedics.  In the event that you require first aid for yourself or another rider or spectator, in the first instance request assistance (or ask another rider) from the nearest marshal.  There are marshal's stationed out on the course and at the race venue/team site area.  The marshal will radio race HQ who will then dispatch the paramedic or St Johns personal to you.  DO NOT call 111 as this causes unnecessary delays in getting help to the injured person.

Your bike

For your own safety and enjoyment and that of other competitors, please have your bike serviced pre-race so it is in race ready condition. Note: bar ends must have plugs in.

On the day bike repairs / spare parts etc

There will be a cycle service center beside the main marquee for on the day bike repairs. They will have available, tyres, tubes, chains etc. for purchase.

No dogs

No dogs are permitted at this event.

Team Site Information

Each team

Will be allocated a 5m wide x 9m deep team site for the duration of the event so keep this in mind when planning what shelter you will erect on your site, i.e. Ezy up, tent, campervan etc. You can camp overnight on your site (see below under camping).

Your team site

Is where you start and finish your lap from. Each site fronts onto the course laneway. Supporters can also join you at your team site at any time during the event. The car park is within close walking distance.

Team sites

Are allocated as you arrive at the venue area. If you wish to be beside another team, you will need to organize to arrive at the venue together so that you are allocated your sites side by side.

Vehicles on your team site

Each team site will fit one Ezy up and one vehicle. Once a vehicle is on a team site it cannot be removed until the event is over. There is car parking for all extra vehicles and supporters coming out during the day within close walking distance of the venue area.

6 Hour Blast riders

Can pack up and depart the venue area once your event has finished. Or if you wish to stay on at your team site after the race you are welcome to do so.


If you have a marquee or are thinking about hiring one, please email info@bluedogevents.nz for more information on this. Please don’t hire one without letting us know as we have limited spaces available for marquees and also need to supply access details for erection of marquee pre-race.

Camping At The Venue

You can camp

The night before and after the event on your team site if you wish.

Camping option:

  • Camping Friday night only (or Fri/Sat nights) – You may set up your tent anytime between 5-7:30pm on Friday 1st Nov.  When arriving at the venue on Friday afternoon you must check in at the main marquee and you'll be shown where to set up.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If camping Friday night someone MUST stay onsite with your tent or campervan etc.   This is for security and safety reasons - McLean's Forest Park is prone to strong overnight winds so you need to be onsite to ensure your tent is well secured and not a danger to other campers.  Any unattended tents will be removed.
  • Camping Saturday night only – when you arrive on Saturday morning, drive into the team site area and whatever site you are allocated you can stay on overnight.
  • Note: no responsibility will be taken for unattended gear left onsite.

Bring With You

Family and friends

To hang out with and you’ll appreciate the support and encouragement plus someone needs to get the coffee in!

Warm clothing/sunblock

It goes without saying, come prepared for both hot and cold temperatures.


To purchase coffee, food, a race T or spare parts etc.

Selling or Promoting Products & Services at This Event

If you have a product, service or another event that you want to promote at this event, please contact us to discuss. In fairness to the sponsors of this event, any person selling or promoting a product or service or another event without the race director’s permission will be asked to cease or leave.

Cancellation or Postponement of Event

If circumstances outside of the control of Blue Dog Events Ltd cause cancellation of this race prior to 10th October 2020, Blue Dog Events Ltd will endeavor to re schedule the race. Competitors who have paid will have their entry fee carried over to the new date or offered a full refund. If cancellation occurs between 10th - 17th October due to circumstances beyond the control of Blue Dog Events Ltd no refund will be given.

Withdrawals / Refunds / Changes to Entry

Changes & Withdrawals

If you need to amend or withdraw your entry, please email info@bluedogevents.nz the details and quote name/team name and category.


If you withdraw your entry, the following refund policy will apply.

Before Sept 30th

100% of the entry fee will be refunded less $15 admin fee.

Between Oct 1st - 9th 

50% of the entry fee will be refunded less $15 admin fee.

Between Oct 10th - 17th 

There is no refund.

Terms of Entry

Please read our Terms of Entry before signing this acknowledgement, waiver and release from liability.

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